Electroguard Boat Anode Zincs


Thomas Wilde’s daughter, Diana, grew up in the family business and ran the company alongside her father. She soaked up all the knowledge she could and, following the death of Thomas Wilde, continued the family tradition and managed the company with her husband, Bob Treese.  Today, Diana’s and Bob’s son, Chris Treese, has taken the reigns of ElectroGuard and serves as the Managing Director.

ElectroGuard is not merely a manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality boating products – it’s a family-run business... a family that has always put their customers in the highest regard. A team that understands the benefits of precision casting and uses only US-MIL-SPEC A-18001-K zinc alloy products.

The ElectroGuard staff doesn’t want you to settle for second best. They want to help you protect your boat. With ElectroGuard’s sacrificial zinc anode, it’s the best protection your boat will ever need.

​​All Products Conform to

US-MIL-SPEC A-18001-K Zinc Alloy

For decades, ElectroGuard has been manufacturing the most sought-after boating supply products in the world. It all began in 1940, when Thomas Wilde, a mechanical engineer who studied at Cal Tech, founded Production Mold, Inc. (PMI). Having spent a great deal of time working in the zinc mines, Thomas had a keen understanding of the importance of zinc and of its unique properties, and how it might play an important role in boat protection if merged with an anode. Thomas was onto something big and thus began his incredible journey to revolutionize the boating supply business.

PMI, which soon became known as ElectroGuard, changed the face of the boating industry when the company became the first in the United States to manufacture and distribute the sacrificial zinc anode. Thomas built a successful business, and it wasn’t long before he had customers throughout the world. At the time, Thomas couldn’t have known how long his business venture would last, but he began a legacy that continues, stronger than ever, to this day.